Olivia Jeffries


Contact: info@oliviajeffries.co.uk

Olivia Jeffries graduated from Norwich University of the Arts (formerly Norwich School of Art & Design) in 2000. She has worked predominantly with drawing on salvaged paper but in recent years has begun to translate her ideas into ceramics. Olivia currently lives and works on the Norfolk/Suffolk border close to the market town of Beccles.

Making use of an everyday object a unique and memorable occurrence is essential to Olivia's work. She handbuilds a range of tableware and decorative vessels using stoneware clay and leaves the marks of her making visible to show the story of her process on the finished surface.

Each piece is completely unique and includes the finger marks and palmar creases from her hands. These are accentuated by the semi-transparent glaze and many are finished with elements that reference her drawings.

When constructing these pieces she hopes that they become something more than the sum of their component parts; objects which can be admired but most importantly used.

Olivia aims to keep her drawings as understated as possible and try to suggest a larger narrative by pairing the primal and elemental qualities of ordinary shapes with her fascination for used paper and the dirt, stains and markings they accumulate over time. This language becomes a communicator for much bigger messages based on her musings around her barely tangible and sometimes overwhelming thoughts. For example, unfathomable nature of reality, an intimate moment which exists for just a second and is then forgotten or the impossibility of feeling how someone else feels; the list is endless...